Why I can push myself for the 2 Oceans, but not for making $1m

why why why

I get up at 4:30am sometimes to get to the gym before work.

I have never shown this kind of dedication to anything in my life. I’ve been getting to the gym daily, eating (reasnably) well and getting in enough kilometers.

My goal is a 2:05:59 time to cross the line, from my about 2:35:00 from last year. Does this seem like a lot? No, not to me. With the right training, I think this is reaching close to the limit of my ability.

So why can’t I dedicate this kind of time and mental focus to making the $1m that will set me financially free and change my life for the (much) better.

There are ways to do this, but there are pros and cons. And really, we are NOT comparing apples to apples. But the focus and and persistance needed is somthing common. So the question is, “How to translate that aanhouens vermouede from running a marathon to running a business”?