(Part 2) Replacing the standard radio in a Ford Figo (unboxing my new radio )

Here are some pictures of the radio I chose.
I took this model because it was in my price range and importantly had the Sony App Remote feature.
App Remote allows you to operate your radio from the screen of your smartphone. I thought this would be a cool feature to add.
Though the Ford Figo has space for a double din radio, the standard radio is actually a single din. If you want to put in a double din radio you would need to move(with  a hack saw!) some of the interior plastic brackets. This will not damage the car but it was something I did not want to do.
As it is, a single din radio fits in perfectly.
 It came in a plastic protective case.
just your average single din radio.
This is an important piece, be careful not to lose it.
 These are the removal tools for the new Sony radio